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  • Concentrates

    Diamond Concentrates: Disposable Distillate Pen (2 Gram)


    Diamond Concentrates – 2g Disposable Vape Pens

    Allow us to introduce Diamond Concentrates’ newest line of 2g rechargeable disposable vape pens! With a sleek and durable design, it is backed with smooth and easy functionality. Draw activated and convenient! Staying ahead of the overall curve, Diamond has raised the bar with these pens.

    Each pen contains 2g of Distillate.

    Propylene Glycol-Free, Vegetable Glycerin-Free, Solvent Free, Organic Base

    How to use the Diamond Concentrates vape pen:

    • Pull Activated
    • Draw for up to five seconds
    • Inhale and exhale comfortably

    How to recharge the 2g Diamond vape:

    1. Insert a micro-USB cable in the bottom of the vape, with the other end in a charging block. Please use a non-fast charging cable and block. *Charging cable not included.
    2. Allow up to 3 hours for the vape pen to fully charge

    Can you refill a Diamond Concentrates vape pen?

    This 2g version of the Diamond Concentrates Disposable Vape pen is not refillable.

    *Note: Due to the larger size of the 2g tank, with constant use the atomizer burns hotter than with the smaller 1g tanks and this may cause the oil to evaporate more quickly in comparison.

  • AAAA

    Money Maker (AAAA)


    (AAAA) | Indica Dominant Hybrid- 70% Indica / 30% Sativa | THC Est: 26% | Bud Size: Small / Medium

  • Edibles

    Monty’s Magic Drop Shot


    Monty’s Magic Drop Shots are individual, one full serving of macro (or micro)-dose psilocybin.

    It is a unique product not found on the market. Grown and packaged in-house, each dose is precisely measured and contains pure, organically grown mushrooms. There are many advantages to the product:

    Each bottle is:

    • Gluten-Free and Vegan
    • Awesome tasting
    • Potent active ingredient due to minimal processing (compared to edibles)
    • Travel-friendly and shelf-stable
    • A custom blend of ingredients for fast-acting results
    • Consumers will experience stable effects (as opposed to waves when taken dry)
    • Gentle on stomach

    Monty’s Drop Shot Dosage:

    Each bottle is meant to be taken as a “shot”. Once mixed, consume the entire bottle immediately.

    Have everyone at the party take it simultaneously for a “Full Monty Experience”!

    Best served chilled.

  • $99 Ounces

    Waffle Cone (AAA)


    (AAA) | Indica Dominant Hybrid- 70% Indica / 30% Sativa | THC Est: 21% | Bud Size: Small / Medium

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The stoniest, most chill, full-bodied, relaxed couch locking beasts. Perfect for taking that midnight train to porridge.


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When you're trying to clean the house locked into a cerebral, heady, electrically uplifting high... or if you're just straight trying to take over the world.

Vape Pens

Trying to keep it low key or just looking for quick a one-two? This is the ticket. 💨


The best of both breeds... you know, for taking over the world then slumbering real nice right after. That, or just casual recreational use.


When you're trying to pop a couple goomies to head straight to the moon 🚀

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